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Our Mission

TMSM Connect’s mission is to assist, affirm and advocate for, Assigned Female At Birth (AFAB) Trans* & Gender Non-Conforming (GNC) people of color (POC); while centering those who identify as gay, bisexual, pansexual and/or queer. Through sexual health education, Mental Health support and reproductive justice advocacy; TMSM Connect is committed to this work in efforts to eradicate the adverse impact of HIV/AIDS and other reproductive justice health issues in the AFAB Trans & GNC Community.

Our Work

Connect the AFAB Trans* and GNC  community to information, resources, and each other. We center the needs of Gay, Bi, and Queer AFAB Trans* and GNC  People of Color due to the lack of visibility and increased challenges of these intersections of identity. We believe “Together We Can”  assist, affirm and advocate for our community through artistic expression, storytelling, education, and social convenings to end the epidemic and obtain reproductive justice for us all. 

Together We Can

Meet The Team

D'Jamel Young

Executive Director and Founder

D’Jamel Young is an intelligent, black, Army vet, entrepreneur man of  Trans Experience who is known and as a Trans Advocate and community leader.  He is the Founder and Executive Director of TMSM Connect, (TMSM = TransMen who have Sex with Men) a Black Trans* Masc led non-profit that commits to assisting, affirming and advocating for AFAB (assigned female at birth) Trans* and GNC (Gender Non Conforming) POC (people of color); while centering those who identify as gay, bisexual and/or queer.


For over 10 years, D'Jamel’s Mission has been to empower the black trans and queer community who is underserved and at risk for health, social and cultural disparities. This includes advocating for the inclusion of AFAB Trans* and GNC voices, experiences and ideas. 


D’Jamel is a Community Leader/ Member/ Advocate within the Transgender community, encompassing the use of healing arts, mentoring, and community engagement. His personal goal and mission is to reach, educate, empower and assist his underserved community; a population at high risk for, or is living with, HIV/AIDS and other social and health disparities.


Cris Avery

Deputy Director

Cris Avery (he/him) is a Community Educator and Advocate. He is the Deputy Director of TMSM Connect as well as the Founder of Cris Avery Consulting. He has done extensive advocacy work around access to transition-related care nationally. He has done education around surgical Billing and coding as well as has helped start several trans healthcare programs throughout the United States. 


Cris Avery has helped create and coordinate several Trans Health-related conferences and conventions throughout the United States including the First WPATH Live surgery Event at Mount Sinai Hospital. He works to build equity with a focus on Sexual Health, Mental Health, and reproductive Justice through Art and Advocacy. He is also a published researcher and Author. 



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