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Metro Atlanta Resources

Feminist Women’s Health Center provides safe, affordable, and compassionate abortion and gynecological care to all who need it without judgment. 


We are the only non-profit, locally-based organization in Georgia that directly provides reproductive health services, while also protecting reproductive rights and promoting reproductive justice through organizing and advocacy.


I Am Human Foundation was founded by a trans man of color to empower the lives of LGBTQIA individuals. Their goal is to create a safe space for individuals who are homeless, living with HIV, and trans youth, with a focus on those who experience discrimination due to their lifestyle or gender identity. 


SisterLove Inc.’s mission is to eradicate the adverse impact of HIV, sexual and reproductive health rights and justice challenges impacting women and their families through education, prevention, support, research and human rights advocacy in the United States and around the world.


Solutions Not Punishment Collaborative (SNaPCo.) is a Black Trans and Queer-led organization that builds safety within our community, investing in our collective embodied leadership, and building political power. 


SPARK Reproductive Justice NOW! is a Southern-based Reproductive Justice organization with state, regional, and national reach and impact. 


The Trans Gentlemen of Excellence (TGE) exists to foster relationships between trans gents and the community that evaluates, educates, and elevates them as a whole.


Trans Housing Atlanta Progam provides safe housing and supportive services to transgender and gender nonconforming (defined as any personal gender identity different or transgressive from the sex assigned at birth) individuals who are homeless to facilitate movement to independent living and promote productive employment and reduction of risky behaviors, or who seek intermediate or long-term housing that’s centered on the needs of transgender and gender-nonconforming people.


TRANScending Barriers is a trans-led 501(c)3 non-profit organization that serves the transgender and gender non-conforming community in Georgia. Their mission is to empower the transgender and gender non-conforming community in Georgia through community organizing with leadership building, advocacy, and direct services so that lives can be changed and a community uplifted.


Trans(forming) is a membership-based organization led by trans men, intersex, gender non-conforming people of color, wrongly assigned female at birth (including those who ID as male/ man) and those who are questioning. The organization hosts monthly meetings, social gatherings, provides resources and all around transitional support. We exist to share information, provide social support, camaraderie, and to assist members in their transition.


Ubuntu is a non-profit organization based in Atlanta, Georgia. Their mission is to provide resources to the community with their primary focus being transmasculine individuals, their partners, and anyone who may be food insecure/hungry.



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